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SM Investigation Group is not a licensed or bonded private investigation and private security firm. All of our associates are and this includes from every US state and many countries throughout the globe.


Based in West Palm Beach Florida, and serving all surrounding areas


Our Services

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Accident Scene Reconstruction

Investigations will survey the accident scenes and reconstruct the scene for legal and insurance purposes.  Witnesses will be located and interviewed.  Vehicle and boating accidents will be handled promptly and in an organized fashion.

Asset Searches

Investigations will verify and locate any and all assets that a person may have.  This can include domestic and foreign interests.

Background Investigations (Levels 1, 2 and 3)

Background investigations will be conducted based on need, from basic to advanced searches.  Searches include things like, criminal, civil, financial, employment and motor vehicle records.

Counter Stalking and Stalker Identification

Investigators utilize intelligence networks and special surveillance tactics to identify, track and deter a stalker.

Criminal and Civil Records Searches

If you need to know who you are dating or want to have peace of mind about employees, this service will be valuable.

Crisis Management Services

Specially trained emergency management and response teams can be organized and set up to handle any on site investigations or protection details you may require.  High end communications and necessary equipment will be used.

Executive Protection/VIP – Celebrities and Executives

Personal Protection Specialists will be sent to handle any moderate to high risk client. Our teams comprise of a minimum of three agents. All members are highly trained in surveillance/counter surveillance, medical response, evasive driving, close quarter combat, advance work and maritime operations and SCUBA.

Firearms and Use of Deadly Force Investigations/Special Training Unit

Special investigators are assigned for firearms and deadly force investigations and will handle every case in the best interest of our client.  SM also has a Special Training Unit that teaches safe firearms handling and tactical training.  Successful completion will qualify students for most concealed carry permits and firearms safety training.

Firearms Expert Witness Services

Specialists with tactical and firearms knowledge will be called upon to testify on your behalf in court as experts in the use of deadly force and self defense.

GPS Vehicle Tracking (Domestic and Corporate)

GPS units can be covertly and discretely deployed on vehicles and assets that warrant real time information and tracking of their whereabouts.  If you want to know where your spouse, kids, employees are, then GPS tracking is an economical investigative tool. Please contact us for purchase or rental of our GPS devices.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud in all cases will be handled diligently.  Services are based on need of the client.

Infidelity and Cheating Undercover Operations

Investigators can offer discrete and confidential services in infidelity cases.  If you need to know and have a suspicion of cheating, please contact us.  Results are not guaranteed, but the facts and whereabouts will be reported accurately.

Human Trafficking Investigations and Recovery (worldwide)

The kidnapping, trading and/or selling of human beings into the sex, labor or drug trade is a worldwide phenomenon.  SM has a worldwide network of resources that can assist in locates and recovery of your loved ones that have been trafficked.  On certain cases, in country surveillance, intelligence gathering and hostage rescue services will be performed.  Areas we have accomplished our missions: South/Central America, Mexico, Canada, USA, Germany, Russia, Asia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ecuador, Africa and the Middle East.

Kidnap and Recovery Services (worldwide)

Special teams will perform hostage rescue operations anywhere in the world.  Human Trafficking is a crime and our investigations and special operations teams have the skills and experience to do it right.  Finding your loved ones and getting them to safety is what we can do.

Maritime Recovery and SCUBA Investigative Services

Water response teams are deployable anywhere you need investigators that have special SCUBA search and rescue skills.  Whether locating, a crime scene, evidence recovery, boating accident reconstruction or locating expensive items misplaced underwater.  Our SCUBA and Maritime specialists can assist and help in underwater operations.

Missing Persons locates

Missing and lost persons anywhere in the world can be located.  SM has an extensive network of worldwide resources to make missing persons found.

Recorded Statements – audio/video

SM has audio/video specialists that can record statements through video or audio.  Proper and accurate documentation is something we will deliver each time.

Sexual Predator checks and surveillance

Sexual offender/predator tracking and monitoring can be done.  If you have suspicions or are curious of the daily habits of a sexual offender/predator in your area.

Subpoena Services

Subpoena services will be handled for any criminal and civil litigation cases.  We can serve anyone promptly and locate.

Surveillance - Workers Compensation, Criminal, Domestic

Surveillance and intelligence gathering will be conducted.  State of the art equipment and various vehicles will be utilized for covert surveillance assignments.

Threat and Security Risk Assessments

We will conduct and evaluate your risk and vulnerability assessments.  These will be done discretely and based on individual or corporate needs.

Judgement Enforcement Collection Service

Did you know that 80% of all judgments are never collected? Even though the court may have granted your judgment, the collection is your responsibility. This can become difficult if the debtor has relocated, hidden assets or just refuses to pay. We can help you collect what’s rightfully yours!

Cybercrime Antifraud & Cyber Harassment Unit

We can help individuals and companies that are receiving cyber attacks (online slander and libel). If you’re facing a defamation issue, our cyber team can help. We can help stop anonymous attackers so you can get back to business or focus on your life. We can also assist you in device hacking issues.

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